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Fundamentals of Dissertation Writing

December 22, 2009

Dissertation writing is really a time consuming, tedious work. But if you plan it with greater care it will become an easier and an appreciation puller. Dissertation is defined as “a formal and lengthy discourse or treatise on some subject, especially one based on original research and written in partial fulfillment of requirements for a doctorate”. It is primarily an academic need to write a good dissertation. Scoring high marks is the ultimate requirement in the case. Probably dissertation carries the writers writing caliber, research attitude, language. So let’s have a look at what a dissertation should be.

Structure of a Dissertation

Speaking of the dissertation structure, keep in mind the fact that your dissertation is going to be evaluated by a panel of experts. One should not feel any difficulty in moving from one paragraph to another. Each and every paragraph must flow from one to another. It must start from the complex to the simplest. Panel can be impressed with a synchronized, well cultured structure of the dissertation. Mere good structure can’t make out the score; the content comes next for a thorough evaluation. Writings should carry the core


It is the foundation platform for the thesis. A 50% of the essence of the hypothesis can be the main focus here. You can explain your hypothesis in this so that the real core of the dissertation can be apparent. Problem of the paper can be carried in a precise manner .When you read the introduction you must know what the dissertation deal about. It must include the problem of the paper, why you think it should be studied, how the research was done, what were the difficulties you faced, how you overcome the bottlenecks, what all helped in making your writings easier, references, mails, etc,. You can also give a brief description on what you have included in each and every chapter. Make sure your writings carry the topic only. If you expand beyond the topic it will be a mess and may mislead the panel about the topic.

Body of the Dissertation:

After introduction comes the real matter. Body of the dissertation can be divided in to chapters so that it will be more comfortable for the readers. You should not dump too many topics in one chapter.  Chapter heading should be attractive at the same time should convey what you have included in it. Start with a general view and continue expanding it to the end where you reach your hypothesis. You can describe the whole dissertation in brief in the first chapter. Afterwards you can move ahead with unveiling the matter in the second, thus simplifying the matter. Thus by reaching the last chapter you must reach the destination, (one could understand for what you have prepared this dissertation). Enough explanation on the matter is to be there in the body. A second party or third party could reach you going through the paper. Better not create any confusion. Foot notes can be very useful in cases one use different words. Reference books and web addresses can be added to facilitate the readers for further readings. Don’t go in detail on each and every matter you write, only expand those you want to explain. Diagrams and maps can help you precise the matter, at the same time it creates a solid proof on the writing.


The conclusive part of the paper carrying a clear cut picture of the study can satisfy the scoring part of your work. Conclusion carrying the whole body, sense, hypothesis review, findings, comparison with other papers, theory studies, etc. will do the job of increasing your confidence and can show your power to the readers. A good conclusion can create a long lasting effect on the panel.

To conclude, it’s your job to work hard on the hypothesis and bring out an outstanding dissertation. A well planned writing with a proper format is inevitable. A hard working student can prove to be a good writer with a well-planned structure. A systematic study on the aim is necessary. Consider dissertation writing as an art form and not as a burden. If all these aspects are well considered and worked appropriately the result is surely a better, impressive dissertation.

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