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How to Write Best Narrative Essays

December 22, 2009

A narrative essay is an ordinary personal experience in the form of a short story. It tells a story, usually in the author’s point of view. For that reason, the author’s experience becomes central in a narrative essay. Feelings and sensuous details are written vividly to grab the readers’ attention.

Writing a narrative essay seems to be an effortless assignment because no external researching is needed here. You can make use of your own personal experiences.  But every task has its own difficulty. Some students find it difficult to select a topic. They may have a lot of experiences in memory, but can’t   take up a particular one as each and everything has got mixed-up.  So, you first job is to liberate a single experience which is worth mentioning.

Narrative essays are extracts from your memories. You share these unique experiences with the readers in a tone of intimacy. Give a touch of casual conversation throughout the essay. Avoid clichés. Such overused expressions will kill the overall beauty of the essay.   However, you are free to embellish your writing with stylistic language as the essay is more personal and informal. Topping it, your writing skill is being tested in a narrative essay. Impress the readers with novel ways of expressing ideas.

One may find many similarities between a narrative essay and a descriptive essay. But they differ in their very elementary temperament. The narrative essay has a more personal touch. Since it is subjective, emotions and feelings play crucial roles. You must be able to create an impression on others that yours is a remarkable and readable experience.

At the outset itself, make clear that what kind of story you are attempting. It can be a personal experience, observation, anecdote and so on. While describing about oneself, don’t stick on to saying those things alone. Consider the people around. Generalize your experiences. All the measures have to be taken to make it less monotonous.

A narrative essay need not be a personal account at all times. Anything and everything can be the topic for your essay. You can observe a recent event and tell something about that. You can write about someone else too. The only requirement is that there should be a story which is worth-sharing. Exercise all the principles of storytelling.  Describe the plot, Characters, background, climax, ending and so on. If needed, even dialogues can be made use of. But you must be certain that you punctuate it correctly. If your punctuation goes wrong, the meaning as well as the beauty of the piece is lost utterly.

Organization of ideas is of supreme importance in a narrative essay. Never let the related details scatter here and there. Make it an organic whole. Present the events chronologically.

A narrative essay does not demand much referencing and researching. Not text books, but imagination is your source material. It opens an entire world before you . Use all the narrative devices to make the essay pleasing. It is desirable to use first person. Make the readers see the events through the vivid description you have done.

Success is not an accident. It is the result of prolonged efforts. You can make your essay approved by following certain scientific procedures. Preparing a draft is an essential step to be taken. No need to mention the importance of a draft in writing academic papers. Once you complete the task of preparing a good draft, the draft itself will lead you to an exceptional essay. If you are equipped with a high quality draft, it is certain that half of you work is done.

Use up your powers. Be a winner.

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